Peninsula Partners Accountants

Structure and Establishment

Sole Trader? Company? Partnership? Trust?  These are the options at your disposal, and selecting the right one for your indivdual circumstances is vital to ensuring your assets are protected and your tax liability is minimised.

Peninsula Partners will take the time to listen to your needs, plans and circumstances to establish the optimum structure for your requirements. 

And because of our philosophy of becoming a true partner to you and your business, no matter which option is chosen, Peninsula Partners will set it up...FOR FREE!

That's right, we'll do all of the administration work required for business establish AT NO CHARGE, including (as appropriate for the business structure that is right for you):

  • Business structure and establishmentAppointing directors
  • Business registration and obtaining an ABN
  • Incorporation and obtaining a Tax File Number and ACN
  • Appointing trustees and secretaries

 All you have to do is pay the statutory charges, and leave the administration and red tape to us. 

So contact us today.